Lookie here. I was with my girls the other day doing errands, benchmarking (echos) and working (sort of). Fast forward... we were itching for yosi and then we spotted this guy. Uy, si kuya naka mesh with shorts over leggings. And he’s kinda cute. Perfect timing that we didn’t have a lighter so nagpasindi kami sa kanya. Tamang landi lang. Then we took photos and chit chatted for a while. He’s half Japanese half Korean.

Honestly, we've seen them all Korean kids coming here in droves but how many have you seen this stylish?

I look awkward! Leche.
Polka dot lang ang drama. In honor of lola Rei.
I love what he's wearing. Perfect for the weather. Magaya nga.
Siyempre not complete without getting his digits.

All photos were stolen from Karl.

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