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Step 2: Wait for confirmation. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Step 3: Once confirmation has been made via email, secure your payment and we will deliver immediately after payment has been received

Payments may be made via:

  • Bank Deposit 
  • Pay Pal

If ordering outside the Philippines, prices will be converted using the current exchange rate.

Shipping fee is not included in the pricing. This varies depending on where the destination is. Paradigm Shift Clothing is based in Manila, Philippines. We deliver via Xend. All deliveries come from Metro Manila. To calculate your delivery costing, click here.


Order Form: 

Full Name:
Complete Mailing Address:
Email Address:
Contact Number (If in the Philippines):
Shiny items: SHPS01 PHP2255
SHPS02 PHP1285
SHPS03 PHP1489
SHPS04 PHP1489
SHPS05 PHP2585
SHPS07 PHP1599
SHPS08 PHP2189
SHPS09 PHP2255
SHPS10 PHP2089
SHPS11 PHP1589
SHPS12 PHP2189
SHPS13 PHP2185
SHPS14 PHP2599
SHPS15 PHP1799
SHPS16 PHP1589
SHPS17 PHP2585
SHPS18 PHP1850
SHPS19 PHP2185
SHPS20 PHP1455
SHPS22 PHP2585
SHPS23 PHP1495
SHPS24 PHP1495
SHPS25 PHP1499
SHPS26 PHP1499
SHPS27 PHP3295
Dream Incubation items: Airplane Php 3575
Helicopter Php 3175
Glider Php 1500
Kite Php 1300
Kytoon Php 3175
Ornithopter Php 3100
Parachute Php 7975
Paraglider Php 3975
Tiltwing Php 3375
Pure items: Intestine Php 500 (each)
Hybrid Php 1200
Web Php 1200
Clinic Php 1400
Twin tank Php 1400
Pure harem Php 1400
Window Php 1200
Tent Php 1600
Pristine Php 1600
Dangle Php 1300
Paper Php 1400
Intestine Php 700
Prick Php 1300
Max Php 1700
Opposite Php 1400
Slice Php 1500
Sterile Php 1000
Skimp Php 1200
Core Php 1300
Payment Method:
Other inquiries:


If you wish to order more than one piece per item or would one something in a specific color, please indicate here. Thank you.



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Dream Incubations 

Pure Collection: 

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